Starmind API documentation

The Starmind API is a RESTful interface for Starmind, which gives you access to all its data and functions.


Description Type
Continuing the theme of changes in versions 2.311.0, 2.356.0 & 2.402.0, tag subscriptions are replaced by concept subscriptions. This way a user subscribed to "AI" (Artificial Intelligence) won't be notified on new questions related to "AI" (Amnesty International). There's no plans at the moment to make the concept subscription API publicly available. The following is deprecated:
  • All tag subscription methods - GET, PUT, POST and DELETE.
  • Get subscribers of a given tag.
  • Bulk subscribe users to a tag.
The user model has received a small update:
  • The field is_hidden has been removed without replacement.
  • The field is_system has been renamed to is_technical_user for more clarity in the naming
This affects the user API resource, as well as the user GET endpoints query parameters. To avoid breaking undocumented integration with this endpoint, the API will for now remain backwards compatible. See the specific documentation for the resource and endpoint for more details.
Solution tags will no longer be exposed on solutions. To keep backwards compatibility, we'll be returning an empty JSON list in the field tag_relations. For the foreseeable future, there's no plans to start exposing it again. This also means the change communicated in 2.311.0 regarding the with_solution_tags parameter will be ignored. See: Exposing tags on questions will also be deprecated. Currently, it's exposed on the field called tag_relations but this should no longer be used. Instead, it will be replaced by the already present field called concepts that has a different format. For more information on this, please see: deprecation
Adding tags manually to questions created are deprecated. We do not have immediate plans to publicly document how to do this. This is part of a larger migration to use what we call concepts instead of tags - a more rich and context aware tag. This way we can, for instance, discern between "AI - Artificial Intelligence" and "AI - Amnesty International".

The Simple file upload to upload loose inline images has been deprecated. deprecation
By default, solutions tags are not included in either solution or complete question endpoints. To retrieve solution tags a query parameter with_solution_tags needs to be used.

Changes: Removal:
    PUT and POST on solution endpoint will no longer return the tags of a solution. Retrievable on GET by id endpoint.
change & removal
The following have been deprecated in this release: Additionally, user setting hint_email_enabled was already deprecated. No more hint emails exist. deprecation
Now allow filtering on multiple categories in the question stream. categories=1,2,3?include_uncategorized=true. Previous category filter is deprecated and support will be removed in the future. addition
Maximum tag limit on questions has been removed. removal
Endpoint PUT /api/v1/resources/heartbeat has been removed. removal
Endpoint PUT /users/my-tag-relations has been removed after having been unused for a long period. removal
rank is now mandatory in the log search click endpoint. change
Removed settings found in /api/v1/settings. removal
Documented new languages (Portuguese and Romanian). change
Added parameter tag_filter_default_operator in the question list endpoint (GET /questions). addition
It is now possible to publish a draft question that does not have any tag relations yet. In this case, Starmind will automatically add relevant tags to the question. change
A new knowledge_space query parameter has been added to the question list endpoint to be able to filter by knowledge space. addition
Added support for sorting and filtering RSS feed by tags and category. If no sort parameter is specified, then the last published questions are returned. If sort is specified, then the output will be sorted according to the specified sort criteria. The allowed sort criteria are last_activity, solution_count, date_published, view_count, id.
Sample RSS url: "/api/v1/resources/feed/all/:token/tags=tag1,tag2&category=2&sort=last_activity.desc"
The deprecated endpoint POST /users/delete-all-except-whitelist has now been removed from the API. removal
Remove Unique-Id user property. Remove X-Act-On-Behalf-Unique-Id header that allowed a technical user to act on behalf other users identified by their unique id.
A new language_id query parameter has been added to the question list endpoint to be able to filter by language without changing the user's content languages. addition

Remove deprecated settings:

  • email notification setting max_emails_per_week_default
  • user settings max_emails_per_week
Introduces the network-settings terms_of_use_enabled to enable a network to set Custom Terms of use. If set to true, users have to explicitly approve the Terms in order to use the platform.
Introduces the network-settings terms_of_use_checkbox_enabled to show an additional checkbox on the Terms of use popup displayed to the users. If set to true, users have to explicitly click the checkbox in order to approve the Terms.

Removed support for the GDPR Consent Screen and Disclaimer. Networks that have the disclaimer_enabled on true are now migrated to the new Terms of use functionality in the Accounts service.

Removed network settings:

  • disclaimer_enabled
  • data_privacy_agreement_enabled
  • data_privacy_email_contact

Deprecated email notification setting:

  • max_emails_per_week_default

Deprecated user setting:

  • max_emails_per_week

These settings will be removed in a future release

Expert search now includes which tags each user is an expert on. addition

Removed deprecated network settings.

Removed network settings:

  • mail_fix_sender
  • mail_force_non_ssl_assets
  • mail_footer_reply_to
  • mail_primary_button_color
  • mail_primary_button_background_active
  • mail_primary_button_background_passive
  • mail_reply_to
  • mail_reply_to_name
  • mail_secondary_button_color
  • mail_secondary_button_background_active
  • mail_secondary_button_background_passive
  • mail_sender_domain
  • mail_starmind_branding_enabled
  • subscription_required_for_user

All endpoints that deal with user creation and update have been deprecated for networks that run on the new platform based on Keycloak and the Accounts service. The endpoints work as intended for networks that have not yet been migrated to the new platform.

Deprecated User endpoints:

  • GET /users/:ID/roles
  • GET /users/me/roles
  • GET /users/:ID/oauth-clients
  • GET /users/oauth-clients/session
  • POST /users
  • POST /users/:ID/image
  • POST /users/:ID/password
  • POST /users/me/password
  • PUT /users/:ID
  • PUT /users/me
  • PUT /users/:ID/restore
  • PUT /users/:ID/anonymize
  • PUT /users/:ID/roles
  • PUT /users/oauth-clients/:ID/metadata
  • DELETE /users/:ID
  • DELETE /users/:ID/image
  • DELETE /users/oauth-clients/:ID

Deprecated Import endpoints:

  • GET /import/users/:ID/status
  • POST /import/users
  • POST /import/users/upload
  • PUT /import/users/:ID
The tag endpoints that were deprecated in the 2.111.0 release have now been completely removed from the API. removal
The endpoints for question search now no longer have the log_query parameter, but instead an optional log_query_type parameter to log the type of the query. change

All endpoints that involve tag ids have been deprecated. Corresponding new endpoints that refer to tags by their label have been introduced.

Deprecated and corresponding new endpoints:

Use percent encoding for special characters in the :TAGLABEL segment of the endpoint URL.

The meaning of the field encounter of the tag object in the added endpoints has changed compared to the deprecated endpoints. It now represents the total number of associations of each tag (including questions, solutions and data from connectors). The number of questions associated with each tag (which was returned as encounter in the deprecated endpoints) is now available through field question_count in the new endpoints.

Deprecation and addition
Removed POST /tags/:ID/image and DELETE /tags/:ID/image endpoints. Removal
Deprecated endpoint DELETE /users/:ID/disclaimer-agreement. We already removed the functionality to reset the disclaimer. The endpoint will return an HTTP 200 in any case. deprecation
Removed a previously deprecated flag used_only from /search/tags endpoint. removal
Added know-how endpoints. addition
Added communication settings endpoints /users/:userId/settings/communication/email and /users/:userId/settings/communication/skype. addition
Removed all email settings and skype settings from the user settings endpoint /users/:userId/settings removal
The image field on the question object is deprecated. For now, the same default image URL will be returned for each question. In a future version, this field will be removed completely.

Additionally, the endpoints POST /questions/:ID/image and DELETE /questions/:ID/image are deprecated. For now, these endpoint will respond successfully with the question object, but the upload or deletion of the question image will be ignored. In a future version, these endpoints will be completely removed.

The image field on the tag object is also deprecated. For now, this field will contain a null value for each tag. In a future version, this field will be removed completely.

Additionally, the endpoints POST /tag/:ID/image and DELETE /tag/:ID/image are deprecated. For now, these endpoint will respond successfully with the tag object, but the upload or deletion of the tag image will be ignored. In a future version, these endpoints will be completely removed.
Removed deprecated endpoints /search/questions and /search/questions/similar. Deprecated since 2.33.0. removal
Removed deprecated endpoint /custom-filter. Deprecated since 2.72.0. removal
Removed deprecated endpoints /web/{"announcements" | "disclaimers" | "feedbacks" | "tooltips" | "ui-status" | "wizard"}. Deprecated since 2.28.0. removal
Removed deprecated endpoints /{"locale" | "compatibility" | "users"}. Deprecated since 2.28.0. removal
Removed GET /api/v1/search/tags/suggestions in favour of POST. GET has not been used in a while (was deprecated). removal
Added UserSetting reminder_email_download_mobile_app_enabled to allow users to turn off reminder to download mobile app emails. addition
The endpoints for question search now have a log_query parameter to log the execution of the query. addition
The endpoint POST /search/log/query has been removed in favour of the previous log_query parameter. removal
The calculation of the score in the question search endpoint (introduced in 2.53.0) was changed. Thresholds or other formulas that use this score might need to be recalibrated. change
Notifications now indicate wheather they have seen by the user. addition
Deprecated using `summarized`, `never` and `immediately` as email notification options in user settings endpoint `summarized` has been substituted by `off`. `never` has been substituted by `off`. `immediately` has been substituted by `on`. deprecation
Adjusted behaviour of experts (GET).
If the question does not exist or if it has not been published yet, the request will now result in a `Not Found (404)` error. Previously such request resulted in an empty list.
Question flagging endpoint (PUT) now allows to specify a message, explaining why a question is considered inappropriate. addition
Deprecated calling Question flagging endpoint (PUT) with an empty body. The endpoint will now expect a Json-Object as body with an optional message. deprecation
Added invitation_email_allowed_domains property on the network settings user endpoint. addition
Deprecated user_id property on the question forward endpoint. A complete user object is available of which can be used instead. deprecation
Added event_tracking_id property to the user resource. It can be used by an event tracking system to track the user activity without providing personally identifiable information (PII). addition
Deprecated the used_only flag for endpoint GET /search/tags. deprecation
Deprecated /custom-filters endpoint. deprecation
Added a new endpoint GET /users/:ID/anonymize to anonymize a user according to GDPR regulations. addition
Added language es (Spanish) as interface language. addition
When using a query parameter in the endpoint for obtaining a list of questions, the response now contains a highlighting object for most questions in the response. The highlighting object contains information on where the search query was found inside the question or in its solutions, comments, etc. addition
Added parameters query_default_operator and query_fields in the question list endpoint (GET /questions). addition
Added a new endpoint GET /questions/:ID/similar endpoint to obtain questions that are similar to a given published question. addition
Adjusted behaviour of User exports and User-scores exports. Both exports run asynchronouly and are triggered by a POST request. Old synchrounous functionality is removed since it lead to timeouts when exporting large amounts of Users. The filename for all exports now include a date in the following form: yyyyMMdd-HHmmss to avoid collisions with other exports of the same day. Asynchrounous exports currently stay accessible eternally. change
Extended network content statistics endpoint with `solution_ratings`, `recommendations_sent` and `recommendations_received`. addition
Added UserSetting announcement_email_enabled to allow users to turn off announcement emails. addition
Added the network setting rating_feedback_enabled. addition
Added evaluated roles endpoint that returns roles a user is eligible for in the current network context. addition
Added Spanish (language code es) as a supported content language. addition
When using a query parameter in the endpoint for obtaining a list of questions, the response now contains a score for each question in the response which expresses how well the question matches the given search query. addition
Removed ribbon from the applications and the respective endpoints. removal
Removed all layout settings used for white labeling which became obsolete by the introduction of Material Design. removal
Removed the NetworkSetting user_expertise_feedback_enabled. The feature is enabled by default and cannot be deactivated anymore. removal
Removed the NetworkSetting daily_kpi_email_recipients. removal
The comment resource contains a new field solution_id, which is null for question comments and contains the id of the solution for solution comments. addition
Introduces the network-settings anonymize_users_email to protect a network from exposing the email addresses of other users to unprivileged users. If set to true, email addresses of users are disguised by default on all unprivileged (non-admin) endpoints and most of the privileged endpoints (admin).
For certain endpoints, this behaviour can be overridden. E.g. deanonymize_users_email=true on GET /users by a privileged user with the role user_admin.
Changed the default of a few network_settings. The new default for "user_expertise_feedback_enabled" and allow_inactive_user_interaction is now true. In addition, starting with version 2.46.0, a new user will automatically get the roles "user" and "manager" if nothing else is configured for user_creation_default_roles. change
Added sort criterion first_seen in user list endpoint (GET /users). addition
Added sort criteria view_count and solution_count in question list endpoint (GET /questions). addition
Deprecated sort criterion views in question list endpoint (GET /questions) in favour of view_count to reflect naming of response parameter. deprecation
Added is_hidden and is_system properties to the user resource. addition
Deprecated include_deleted parameter in user list endpoint (GET /users) in favour of include-parameter which supports inclusion of hidden and system users as well. deprecation
Adjusted behaviour of sort parameter when searching for users, questions or tags. The sort param will now apply to search-queries as well, unlike before when search was ordered by relevance only, ignoring any sort parameter.
To retain old behaviour, remove any sort-param when searching for users, questions or tags. sort criteria are evaluated like in SQLs ORDER BY.
E.g. ?sort=name.asc,id.asc will sort records by name and among identical names by id.
Added a company property to the user resource. It can be used in the appendix_user_info_clip and appendix_user_search_clip user settings. addition
Added endpoint POST /search/experts to search for experts based on any text query. addition
Adjusted ordering of solutions in GET /questions/:id/complete endpoint.
Expiration of a solution does not have influence on ordering anymore. An expired solution (in the array of solutions) will appear before a valid solution if its rating is higher.
Removed the NetworkSetting announcement_emails_enabled. Announcement emails will always be sent unless email_delivery_enabled is set to false. removal
Deprecated the public settings user_score_enabled and user_score_frontend_enabled in favor of the field user_score. deprecation
Added input field to layout settings endpoint. addition
Added user_creation_default_roles to GET /settings endpoint. addition
Deprecated the content field in the webhooks data payload JSON schema in favour of the new target_object field. deprecation
Added endpoints: set disclaimer agreement and remove disclaimer agreement. addition
If the network setting disclaimer_enabled is set to true all communication channels (besides webhooks) are disabled for a user who did not accept the disclaimer yet. change
Deprecated score in response of GET /statistics/network/experts endpoint. Use newly added details instead to get more fine-grained expert information. change
The GET /search/questions/similar endpoint is deprecated in favour of the new GET /search/questions-similar endpoint. change
Added a new user network setting property user_creation_default_roles to the GET /settings/user endpoint. addition
Added published (timestamp) to all question and solution entities on all endpoints. addition
Changed default for network setting announcement_emails_enabled to true change
Added a new AuthType-Permission "extended_user_properties_change_allowed" to the GET /settings endpoint and deprecated the permission "location_about_change_allowed". change
Added endpoint: activities of a specified user. addition
Changed field separator of CSV export files from comma to tab. Affected export endpoints: tag export, user export. change
Added new notification types validation_new_expert, question_changed_to_solution_author, solution_changed_to_question_poser and solution_changed_to_solution_rater. addition
Tags relations for question drafts are only created as actual tags when the question is published. They are no longer included in the response of tag endpoints. change
Add endpoint to create tags addition
Remove mail_footer_reply_to from layout settings change
Add feedback_to and footer_reply_to to email settings addition
Add email notification settings endpoint. addition
The start and end points of the user-scores bulk export are now always at midnight in the UTC timezone. The start and end parameters can be used as before, but any time or time zone specifications will be ignored. change
Added department, position and country properties to the user resource. addition
Refactor roles change
Added network setting solution_value_allow_all with default false addition
Added endpoint to set and retrieve Webhook settings. addition
Added endpoint to set and retrieve Custom JS settings. addition
Added network setting announcement_emails_enabled with default false addition
Added endpoint to set and retrieve RSS settings. addition
Added settings endpoints for OpenSearch settings. addition
Added role-filter to GET /users. addition
While the search index is still being loaded, an error is thrown for search requests, rather than silently falling back to an empty result. change
Added settings endpoints for solution value settings. addition
Added endpoint to restore a solution. addition
Added endpoint to set and retrieve content settings. addition
Extended network settings endpoint with available_interface_languages. addition
Changed max tag length from 255 to 191 characters. change
Changed max email length from 255 to 191 characters. change
Changed max custom filter name length from 255 to 191 characters. change
Added sort questions by views support. addition
Added view_count field to question response GET /questions. addition
Extended favicon support. Changed reset favicon endpoint. change
Added tag export endpoint addition
Added asynchronous question import execution. change
Added share notification types. addition
Added POST /questions/:ID/share endpoint. addition
Added POST /solutions/:ID/share endpoint. addition
Added mention notification types. addition
Renamed application setting from allow_forward_to_inactive to allow_inactive_user_interaction. change
Added a trending filter to the GET /questions endpoint. addition
Added POST /tags/:ID/merge endpoint. addition
Added asynchronous Tag bulk import. addition
Added DELETE /tags/:ID endpoint. addition
Added flagged filter to GET /questions endpoint. addition
Added PUT /heartbeat endpoint. addition
Added endpoints to set and retrieve layout and ribbon settings addition
User bulk imports are now executed asynchronous. change
Added GET /import/users/status endpoint. addition
Added GET /import/users/:ID/status endpoint. addition
Added additional error code (FileTooLarge) to the error code reference. addition
Added network setting email_delivery_enabled with default false addition
Changed default value of network setting hint_emails_enabled to false. change
Renamed network setting emails_enabled to notification_channel_email_enabled and changed default value to false. change
Added content export via XML endpoints addition
Added additional error code to the error code reference addition
Added PUT /questions/:id/restore endpoint. addition
Added auth_type for each user. addition
Added new role api_user, which is mandatory for API authentication. change
Added GET /export/user-scores endpoint. addition
Added tag property to PUT /tags/:id endpoint. addition
Added include_deleted parameter to GET /questions endpoint. addition
Added tag_relations property to the response of the GET /questions endpoint. addition
Added is_deleted property to Question object. addition
Rework error handling by introducing error codes for validation failures. change
Rework error handling by introducing error codes. change
Added tag subscription endpoints to subscribe users to a tag. addition
Added the flag excluded_from_suggestions to the tag object. addition
Added a PUT /tags/:id endpoint. addition
Added a POST /search/tags/suggestions endpoint and deprecated the GET /search/tags/suggestions endpoint. change
Added user import via JSON endpoint addition
Changed response of existing user import endpoints. change
Changed format of notification settings in user settings endpoint change
Added tags endpoint addition
Added GET custom-filters endpoint and allow to apply custom filter on question GET endpoint. addition
Add X-Act-On-Behalf-Unique-Id header to allow a technical user to act on behalf other users identified by their unique id.
Only one of the X-Act-On-Behalf headers is allowed at once!
Added user-score settings endpoint addition
Added score_level and score_points properties to the user object addition
Removed solutions, comments, tags properties from question endpoints removal
Removed comments property from solution endpoints removal
Add bulk question import endpoint addition
Removed the language parameter from the tag search endpoint change
Add bulk user import endpoint addition
Add countries endpoint addition
First- and lastname are now returned for deleted users. change
Add last_seen property to user endpoints addition
Removed includeInactive parameter on user list endpoint. By default now all users are listed. Use filter active or inactive to only show the respective users. change
Allow users to be filtered user list endpoint. addition
Added include_deleted parameter to user list endpoint. addition
Add sort parameter to user list endpoint addition
Added search logging endpoints. addition
Added question image add and delete endpoints. addition
Added comment promotion endpoint. addition
Added promoted_solution to comment response. addition
Added question escalation endpoints. addition
Added tag subscription endpoints. addition
Added question flagging endpoints. addition
Added support for user customfields. addition
Added first_seen to user response. addition
Added target_type field to notification response GET /notifications. addition
Added endpoint to set the time a solution saved: PUT /solutions/:id/time-saved. addition
Add X-Act-On-Behalf header to allow a technical user to act on behalf other users.
This removes the ability to specify the user id via query parameter or along with the payload!
Added endpoint for a user to set initial tag relation for himself: PUT /users/my-tag-relations. addition
Add network setting question_title_max_length addition
Increased the maximum number of tags per question to 10. change
Add default user image to settings endpoint GET /settings
Moved POST admin/users to POST /users endpoint.
Moved PUT admin/users/:id/restore to PUT /users/:id/restore endpoint.
Moved DELETE admin/users/:id to DELETE /users/:id endpoint.
Removed POST /admin/auth in favor of POST /auth/login. removal
Moved GET /admin/questions/:id/experts to GET /questions/:id/experts endpoint. change
Changed input of tags for creating/updating a question and removed id from tag response
POST /questions
PUT /questions/:id
Added several network statistics endpoints: addition
Added endpoint to set initial tag relation PUT /users/:id/tag-relations endpoint. addition
Changed response of GET /search/tags endpoint. change
Added content_editing to settings endpoint addition
Added GET /statistics/network/experts endpoint. addition
Added GET /users/:id/settings endpoint. addition
Added solution_count to question response. addition
Added GET /users/:id/expertise endpoint. addition
Added /users/:id/password endpoint. addition
Added DELETE /users/:id/image endpoint. addition
Changed response of POST /users/:id/image endpoint. change
Added GET /users/me/activities endpoint. addition
has_unfollowed property for question follow responses. addition
Changed response of GET /users/:id/expertise endpoint. change


This documentation consists of these parts:

  • Concepts This part explains the underlying concepts of the Starmind API, like the data-types and errors.

  • Resources A look at the different endpoints and the data they return.

  • Reference Lists of things like possible settings and data types.