Tag PUT Resources

DEPRECATED - Update a tag by ID

Use PUT /tag-labels/:TAGLABEL instead.

PUT /tags/:id

Updates can be done partially. The response will be the full and updated resource.

Only users with the contentadmin_ role are allowed to update tags.

Returns an updated tag.

Parameter Type Description
tag string Renames the tag, e.g. to correct spelling. The tag must not already exist under a different id (comparison is case insensitive). Max. 255 characters.
excluded_from_suggestions boolean If true, this tag is explicitly excluded from being returned by the /search/tags/suggestions endpoint.


    "tag": "Sherlock",
    "excluded_from_suggestions": true


    "tag": "Sherlock",
    "id": 27,
    "encounter": 736,
    "image": null,
    "excluded_from_suggestions": true,
    "created": "2011-12-12T15:35:25.000Z"