Trending topics GET resource

GET /statistics/network/trending-topics

Returns a list of trending topics (i.e., tag labels), sorted by relative trendiness. The highest ranking topic will have a score of 1. Trendiness is calculated over a time interval (by default: from 7 days ago to the current time) and only takes into account questions with a last activity date within this interval.

Parameter Type Default Required Description
from datetime to minus 7 days Start date of interval.
to datetime current date End date of interval.
limit int 10 return not more than `limit` topics


        "tag": "Scarlet",
        "score": 1
        "tag": "Study",
        "score": 0.6927045372447934
        "tag": "Baker Street",
        "score": 0.1499469150818402

In case no trending topics can be found, e.g. because the time interval specified is too short, an emtpy list is returned: