Tag Label PUT Resources

Update a tag by label

PUT /tag-labels/:TAGLABEL

Use percent encoding for special characters in the :TAGLABEL segment of the endpoint URL.

Updates can be done partially. The response will be the full and updated resource.

Only users with the contentadmin_ role are allowed to update tags.

Returns an updated tag with id.

Parameter Type Description
tag string Renames the tag, e.g. to correct spelling. The tag must not already exist under a different id (comparison is case insensitive). Max. 255 characters.
excluded_from_suggestions boolean If true, this tag is explicitly excluded from being returned by the /search/tags/suggestions endpoint.


    "tag": "Sherlock",
    "excluded_from_suggestions": true


    "tag": "Sherlock",
    "encounter": 736,
    "question_count": 654,
    "excluded_from_suggestions": true,
    "created": "2011-12-12T15:35:25.000Z"