In the Starmind API, languages are defined using 2 digit, ISO 639-1 alpha-2 codes.

code language
de German
en English
es Spanish
fr French
it Italian
zh Chinese

Interface languages

The Starmind user interface is available in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. The language attribute on the user resource defines in which language the user sees the user interface in his browser, as well as the language of notification messages that are sent to this user. It is possible to define which interface languages can be chosen by individual users in the network settings.

Content languages

The Starmind algorithms are able to recognise and process content (questions, solutions, etc.) in English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Chinese. It is possible to write text in any language on Starmind, but when using non-supported languages, the quality of e.g. tags and search results will be suboptimal. Individual users can choose to only see questions in certain content languages by adjusting their user settings.

Translation languages

When using the translation functionality of Starmind, any language supported by DeepL can be used to translate.