Activities GET Resources

List activities

Returns a list of activities of the user specified by :ID, sorted by date (newest first).

GET /users/:ID/activities

Using this endpoint to obtain activities for a different user (not current session user) requires a network setting that allows activities to be visible to everyone. Admin area → Settings → Content → Profile → "Show other users' activity".

For activities of the current session user.

GET /users/me/activities
Parameter Type Default Description
limit int 10 How many activities are returned at once.
offset int 0 The first offset times limit activities are omitted in the response.

The properties of each item in the response depend on the activity type.

    "total": 1,
    "_links": {
        "self": {
            "href": "/api/v1/users/me/activities?offset=0&limit=10"
    "items": [
            "url": "/question/10931/is-there-a-study-in-scarlet",
            "icon": "",
            "type": "question",
            "created": "2014-10-07T08:45:20.000Z",
            "question": ...

Activity Types

The following tables lists all possible activity types that are returned by the user activity endpoints:

Type Description Additional properties
question Posed a new question. This activity is only ever exposed when the user in question does the request themselves. question
solution Wrote a new solution. solution
solution_comment Wrote a comment to a solution. comment
question_comment Wrote a comment to a question. comment
rating Rated a solution. rating, solution
recommendation Recommended a question to another user. user, question