Field Type Description
id int Unique identifier for a solution.
is_published boolean Whether the question is published
rating float Average rating for this solution, expressed as value, ranging from 1 to 5.
rating_count int Total number of ratings.
description string (HTML + mentioning markup) Must not be empty
user resource User who wrote the solution.
created datetime Creation date of the solution.
updated datetime Last time the solution has been updated in the DB. This date does not reflect content updates but any update to any fields of the record. Use content_updated for information about content updates.
content_updated datetime Date the solution content (description, attachment) has been updated.
tag_relations resource List of tags that are linked with this solution. Solution tags are always assigned automatically by Starmind's tagging algorithms based on the solution description. The solution tags cannot be modified. For some solutions, the list of tag relations can be empty. Only retrievable on the GET endpoint with a query parameter.
attachments resource Resource link to solution attachments.
is_deleted bool Whether or not the solution has been removed.
question resource The parent question.
validity_period string For how long the solution is valid (can be null if solution validation is disabled).
expires datetime Date when the solution becomes invalid (can be null if solution validation is disabled).
upvote_count int Total number of likes for the solution.
accepted_by_question_poser datetime Date when the solution was accepted by the question author (can be null if question author did not accept the solution).
language string The language of the solution (can be null if no language could be detected, e.g. if the solution consists only of an image or URL without any additional text).
    "id": 23,
    "language": "en",
    "is_published": true,
    "published": "2015-02-02T11:36:05.000Z",
    "rating": 1,
    "rating_count": 3,
    "description": "<p>Professor James Moriarty is a criminal mastermind, often referred to as the Napoleon of Crime.</p>",
    "is_deleted": false,
    "created": "2013-12-13T16:40:21.000Z",
    "updated": "2013-12-13T16:59:22.000Z",
    "content_updated": "2013-12-13T16:45:22.000Z",
    "question": "/questions/42",
    "user": "/users/42",
    "tag_relations": [
            "tag": "James Moriarty",
            "is_auto": true
            "tag": "Crime",
            "is_auto": true
    "attachments": "/solutions/23/attachments",
    "validity_period": "open",
    "expiry_date": null,
    "upvote_count": 2,
    "accepted_by_question_poser": "2013-12-16T11:34:59.000Z"