When creating a question or a solution initially, it will not directly be public, but a draft. It will only be published after a request to the question/solution publish endpoint.


A draft is an entity, only available to the user who created it. For a drafts, the field requirements don't apply yet.

A question draft can be edited and used to to get tag suggestions or similar questions, but it can't be seen by other users and it's not possible to submit solutions and comments for it.


Tag relations that are assigned to a draft questions are not created as actual tags yet. For example, draft tags (that don't already pre-exist) will not be returned by the tag endpoints until the draft is published. However, tags relations of draft questions are affected by renaming and merging tags.


By calling question/solution publish, the publishing process will be triggered. This will evaluate whether all fields are in order or not.

If successful, the response will be the a list of experts found for the question. The publishing of a solution will simply result in an empty response with a http status code 200.