Question updates


GET /questions/updates?since=2016-01-01T12:00:00
Parameter Type Default Required Description
since datetime - Only returns questions which have been updated since the specified date/time (UTC)

This endpoint returns a list of questions and their latest updated date ordered descending by date. The result might include IDs of deleted questions but question drafts are not considered nor returned. This endpoint requires the act-on-behalf role.

An update is defined as one of the following actions:

Entity Action
Question create, update, delete
Solution create, update, delete
Comment create, update, delete
Rating create, update


    "id": 214356,
    "last_update": "2013-07-02T15:24:35.000Z"
    "id": 123457,
    "last_update": "2013-04-18T09:30:58.000Z"