Best Solved GET resource

GET /statistics/network/best-solved
Parameter Type Default Required Description
tags string - Comma-separated list of tag labels (max. 3 for optimal results)
limit int 10 Return no more than `limit` tags

This endpoint returns a list of tags with the best questions solved / posed ratio in the network. Only tags which occur in at least three different questions are considered.

If tags are given, the response only contains tags that are related to at least one of the given tags. For each entry in the response, the related field lists to which of the given tags the returned tag is related. If no tags are given, the related field is an empty list for every entry in the response.

Entries in the results are ordered by the following criteria:

  1. The number of tags defined in the tags parameter to which the entry is related.
  2. The questions solved / questions posed ratio for the entry (best first).
  3. How strongly connected the entry is to the tags defined in the tags parameter.


Below is a possible JSON response when specifying "Baker Street" and "Moriarty" in the tags parameter.

        "tag": "Sherlock Holmes",
        "related": ["Baker Street", "Moriarty"]
        "tag": "Mrs. Hudson",
        "related": ["Baker Street"]
        "tag": "Mastermind",
        "related": ["Moriarty"]