Field Type Description
id int Unique identifier for the question.
is_published boolean Whether the question is published
language string (language code) The language of the question.
title string Between 10 and 100 characters.
description string (HTML + mentioning markup) Not required
solution_count integer Number of published, non-deleted solutions.
view_count integer Number of total question views.
slug string question title in a url compatible format (no spaces, no special characters)
image url Deprecated since 2.94.0. For now, the same default image URL will be returned for each question. In a future version, this field will be removed completely.
created datetime Creation date of the question.
updated datetime Last time the question has been updated in the DB. This date does not reflect content updates but any update to any fields of the record. Use content_updated for information about content updates.
content_updated datetime Date the question content (description, title, language, tag_relations, attachments) has been updated.
last_activity datetime The last time something happened with this question.
tag_relations resource List of tag relations.
attachments resource Resource link to question attachments.
is_deleted boolean Wether the question has been deleted.
    "id": 21,
    "is_published": true,
    "published": "2015-02-02T11:36:05.000Z",
    "title": "Is there a Study in Scarlet?",
    "slug": "is-there-a-study-in-scarlet",
    "description": null,
    "solution_count": 1,
    "view_count": 23,
    "language": "en",
    "image": "",
    "created": "2013-11-10T12:16:45.000Z",
    "updated": "2013-11-10T12:17:59.000Z",
    "content_updated": "2013-11-10T12:16:50.000Z",
    "last_activity": "2013-11-10T12:26:55.000Z",
    "tag_relations": [
            "tag": "Study",
            "is_auto": true
    "attachments": "/questions/21/attachments",
    "is_deleted": false