Question GET similar questions

GET /questions/:id/similar

Returns those published questions whose topics are most similar to the topic of the question with the given id. It is not possible to request similar questions for deleted questions or drafts.

The question with the given id is always excluded from the response.

The similarity is calculated according to the reflective random indexing algorithm as explained in the technical details about search.

Parameter Type Default Required Description
limit int 3 The maximum number of similar questions to return.


    "total": 1,
    "items": [
            "question": {
                "solutions": "/questions/21/solutions",
                "description": "<p>Information can be delivered to any Baker Street Irregular.</p>",
                "solution_count": 1,
                "view_count": 28,
                "tags": "/questions/21/tags",
                "slug": "what-is-the-question",
                "id": 5917,
                "updated": "2013-09-20T18:48:35.000Z",
                "language": "de",
                "title": "What is the question?",
                "attachments": "/questions/21/attachments",
                "is_published": true,
                "created": "2012-01-24T12:54:18.000Z",
                "comments": "/questions/21/comments",
                "upvote_count": 2
            "score": 0.6097216010093689