Question DELETE Resources

Remove a question

DELETE /questions/:id

This request does not have a body, and in case of success, a HTTP 200 OK without body will be sent.

Remove question image

Deleting a question image will only remove an explicity set image on the question. Afterwards the default question image resolving mechanism will choose another image from either tags, random pool or fallback pool.

DELETE /questions/:id/image


    "id": "47",
    "is_published": false,
    "language": "en",
    "title": "Is Sherlock really dead?",
    "slug": "is-sherlock-holmes-really-dead",
    "description": "<p>Post any information to 221B Baker Street, London.</p>",
    "solution_count": 0,
    "view_count": 28,
    "image": "",
    "created": "2014-01-02T10:13:21.000Z",
    "updated": "2014-01-03T12:16:45.000Z",
    "content_updated": "2014-01-03T12:16:45.000Z",
    "tag_relations": [
             "tag": "Sherlock Holmes",
             "is_auto": false
             "tag": "Moriarty",
             "is_auto": false
    "comments": "/questions/47/comments",
    "solutions": "/questions/47/solutions"