Network solved-ratio-within-period GET resource

GET /statistics/network/solved-ratio-within-period
Parameter Type Default Required Description
tag string tag label
from double 0 value in hours
to double Long.MaxValue (~ 292 Mio. years) value in hours

Returns the ratio of questions with a time-to-solution from from hours (inlcusive) to to hours (exclusive), compared to all solved questions. If the tag query parameter is omitted, the ratio for all questions in the network is returned. If the tag query parameter is given, the ratio for questions with that tag is returned. If the ratio is not defined because there are no questions with a given tag, null is returned.

Note: Only questions and solutions by regular users are taken into account, and only questions that have a solution. Preloaded questions and questions published before the go-live of the network are ignored. If neither from nor to are specified, the ratio will be 1 (or null, if there are no questions).


    "ratio": 0.8682719546742209

Response if there are no questions for the tag parameter:

    "ratio": null