Question GET list of experts

GET /questions/:id/experts

Returns a list containing all non deleted experts for the question with questionId :id.

If the question has not been published it throws a ResourceNotFound exception Not Found (404).

If the expert search has not run yet, the result will be an empty list.

The response includes all users who have been selected to receive a notification asking them if they can solve this question, regardless of how strong their expertise for this question really is. It does not include those users who might be experts for the question, but were not selected to receive a notification for some reason (such as load balancing for high-demand experts).

Calling this endpoint does not execute a new expert search for this question. Instead it returns the stored results of any expert search that has already been executed (usually at the time the question was published). In the meantime, Starmind's know-how network might have evolved, and the current experts for the same question might be completely different! In order the get the current experts on a certain topic, the /statistics/network/experts endpoint should be used.


        "id": 42,
        "language": "en",
        "gender": "m",
        "firstname": "Sherlock",
        "lastname": "Holmes",
        "email": "",
    }, ...