User Synchronisation

User synchronization is important to keep the user data on Starmind up-to-date and to ensure the best possible results of our self-learning algorithms. Starmind supports different ways to perform a synchronization between the clients user directory (e.g. Active Directory) and the Starmind user directory:


Just-in-time-provisioning (JITP) is only available with SAML Single Sign On.

With JITP, you can create users on the fly the first time they try to log in. This eliminates the need to create user accounts in advance. Because JITP uses SAML to communicate, your organization must have SAML-based single sign-on enabled. The fields that can be synchronized are the SAML claims.

With Just-in-Time Provisioning it is not possible to deactivate existing users automatically. Therefore, JITP should be combined with a periodic automatic synchronization. Additionally, we recommend an initial user load because e.g. the function "Recommend an Expert" is not as powerful with no initial users.

Manual user management

Starmind provides a sophisticated user manager for admin users. Admins can created, updated or deleted users easily. Users can also be searched or filtered by roles, status etc. Moreover, there is the possibility to Import or Export users with Excel files.

Manual user import

Automatic synchronization via CSV

By using file based user sync, the users are synchronized by uploading a CSV file in a predefined format to our SFTP server. Starmind provides a Script which generates the requested csv File and uploads it to the Starmind Server. Read the Technical Details or ask your Starmind Solution Architect for more details.

Technical Details

Automatic synchronization via API

Optimally, the user management is automatically handled via our API. There are endpoints for individual user synchronization as well as for bulk user synchronization. This requires custom programming on the client side.

Individual user synchronization

We provide RESTful API endpoints to create, update and delete individual users.

Action Endpoint
Create user POST /users
Update user PUT /users/:id
Delete user DELETE /users/:id

Bulk user synchronization

We provide an API endpoint to perform a bulk synchronization of users POST /import/users?mode=sync. The behaviour of this endpoint is the following: All users that are not in the import file are deleted. For all records in the import file the corresponding user is either created, updated or - if deleted - restored.