App Installation guide for SharePoint for Office 365

This guide explains the installation of the App for Sharepoint for Office 365.

1. Download the app.

Download the .app file to your local drive.
Example: C:\dev

2. Checking the settings.

Go to the 'SharePoint admin center'

< your admin domain >/_layouts/15/online/SiteCollections.aspx


Click on 'settings'.

Search for the 'Custom Script' section and on the checkbox select 'Allow users to run custom script on personal sites' and 'Allow users to run custom script on self-service created sites'.
Note that those changes can take up to 24hr to take effect.

3. Adding the app to the catalog.

Our next step is to click on 'apps' and on the next page 'App Catalog'.

Click on 'Apps for SharePoint'.

Click on 'New', and browse for the file and click on Ok.

When you are done, you should be able to see the new installed app.

4. Register the App.

Our next step is to register the app.
You can find it in here:

< your domain >/_layouts/15/AppRegNew.aspx


Fill in the required information and click on Create.


Field Value Required
id 39429ad7-c877-467d-8257-206403eb61ac
secret dncMQV8Gi++qjKOe6ChU5SdrG1s5BZ1uvFHBc2Gkue0=
app domain
redirect url

5. Add the app to your page.

Now, it is possible to add the app to your desired page.
Go to the page you would like to add the app, click on 'Site contents' and click on 'add an app'.

Select the 'Starmind Now WebPart' app and add it. (note: the app has already been added, so on the screenshot you see the message that it cannot add it again)

6. Configuration.

To configure the app, please go back to the Setup Guide and select the Configuration Guide related to the app you are installing.