Installation guide for Sharepoint 2013

This guide explains the installation of a SharePoint Web Part. It uses the example of the FAQ Web Part, but can also be used for any other Starmind SharePoint Webpart. To install the SharePoint Web Part on SharePoint 2013, please follow these steps:

1. Download the latest version from our repository and save it to C:\dev

2. Make sure that the SharePoint Administration service is running

3. Run the powershell as administrator

4. Execute the following commans in the powershell

   # Your SharePoint URL:

   # The directory where you saved the WSP file:
   $dir = "C:\dev\"

   # The name of the WSP file:
   $name = "FilteredQuestionsWebPart.wsp"

   $path = "$dir\$name"
   $featureId = "9114b5b7-7962-4132-9ce7-5a0c0c713343"

   if(!(Get-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue))
      Add-PSSnapin Microsoft.SharePoint.Powershell

   $solution = Get-SPSolution $name -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue

      $solution = Add-SPSolution -LiteralPath $path 

   if($solution.Deployed –eq $false)
      Install-SPSolution -Identity $solution -GACDeployment -WebApplication $siteUrl -Force
      while($solution.Deployed –eq $false)
         sleep -s 1

   if(!(Get-SPFeature $featureId -Web $siteUrl -ErrorAction:SilentlyContinue)) #or -Site, -WebApplication, -Farm
      Enable-SPFeature -Identity $featureId -Url $siteUrl

5. Open SharePoint Central Admin

6. Check on /_admin/Solutions.aspx if the solution was deployed

7. Go to site settings

8. Go to Site Collection Features

9. Activate the filtered question web part feature

10. Edit the page where you want to add the web part

11. Insert the web part

12. Return to the Setup Guide and configure the Web Part