Each event has a similar JSON schema, but a unique data object that is determined by its event type.


Triggered when a new notification is triggered

Data payload

Field Type Description
id integer Notification id
type string Notification type
question_id integer Question id the notification relates to (or null).
target_id integer Id of the entity the notification relates to.
target_type string Type of the entity the notification relates to.
target_object JSON The JSON Object representation of the entity the notification relates to.
content string DEPRECATED: The content information should be retrieved directly from the target_object. Notification text
url URL Absolute url to the Starmind application.
icon URL Absolute url to a image for that notification.
is_read boolean Whether the user (receiver) has already read that notification.
created datetime The datetime the notification was created.

Event name


Payload example

    "sender": {
        "firstname": "Siger",    
        "lastname": "Holmes",
    "receiver": {
        "id": 42,
        "email": "",
        "firstname": "Sherlock",
        "lastname": "Holmes",
        "image": ""
    "data": {
        "content":"Elementary, my dear Watson.",
        "target_object": {
            "question": "/questions/1",
            "description": "I don't think there is a study.",
            "is_deleted": false,
            "promoted_solution": null,
            "content_updated": "2017-06-09T09:33:52.000Z",
            "id": 123,
            "updated": "2017-06-09T09:33:52.000Z",
            "user": null,
            "created": "2017-06-06T09:33:52.000Z"