Skype for Business - Setup


The WIS Server can run in the cloud of Luware or on clients premise. More Information on the requirements are listed in in official WIS server documentation of Luware.

Installation type Skype WIS-Server (Luware)
  • Skype for Business or Office 365 account
  • Federation between WIS-Host (e.g. Luware) and the Service Provider (Customer)
  • Skype for Business or a Lync Infrastructure Server
  • Registration of a UCMA Application Pool required
  • MS .NET Framework 4.0 Extended Version
  • Lync 2010 or higher
  • Lync Local Configuration Store
  • Certificate for the Lync Communication


Components Description
Starmind App Starmind application instance of the customer. The application is usually hosted in the cloud and managed by Starmind. A Starmind Skype integration can also be realized in case of an on-premise installation.
WIS Server The Web Interaction Server provides one or multiple communication endpoints and is accessible over TCP.
Starmind uses Luware as WIS host (SaaS), but the server can also be hosted on premise.
Skype for Business Server This is a real-time communication server. It provides the Infrastructure for:
  • Instant Messaging
  • Availability
  • Data transfer
  • Voice & Video calls
Skype Client The chat client of the user.


  1. The User gets notified in the Starmind application. The Starmind application connects to the WIS server and delivers the notification content and the recipient via push service.
  2. The WIS Server generates a chat session with a client.
  3. The Microsoft Skype Server sends a notification as a Skype message to the client.
  4. The user gets notified in his client.


1. Set up and configure WIS server with Luware

The WIS server setup is handled by our partner Luware. There is a separate documentation for this step available.

2. Set up Skype for Business integration: Customer and Starmind

We need the SIP number of all users since Skype uses this number to identify the user. There are several ways to synchronize the SIP numbers with the Starmind application:

  1. The sip address can be added to the user as a custom field. This can be done over our REST API (read more).
  2. In case that the SIP addresses are the same as the email addresses, we can use a small script to set the email address as the SIP address (for this to work, the SIP address must be 100% equal to the email address).

The additional advantage of 1) and 2) would be, that users are also automatically deleted if they leave the company. This way, the Starmind algorithm learns better because it doesn't consider "inactive" users as experts.

3. (Optional) Trust the domain

For the optional “Write Answers to Questions” feature to work, the domain must be added to the trusted domains. This is achieved by adding a registry entry to every machine which has Skype installed. Usually, this is deployed to all corporate machines via group policy and is simply an additional registry entry to trust as a domain.