Skype for Business

The Starmind Skype integration only works with a middleware provided by our partner Luware. The middleware is a WIS Server which serves as interface between the Starmind application and the Microsoft Skype server of your company.


The Skype integration can be used as a replacement for the email notifications. Instead of receiving an email from the Starmind application, the user will get notified directly in Skype.

Additional to the notifications, the user can optionally interact with the questions on the right side of the Skype Window. This allows him to directly write a solution, add a comment to a question or recommend a better expert for the question.


Receive Notifications

Get notified about relevant updates such as new solutions to your question from the Starmind-Bot. Only Notifications are sent via Skype (e.g. Stats and Fact emails are not sent via Skype). No Skype notifications are triggered if a user is online on Starmind or offline on Skype.

Write Answers to Questions

The user can directly react to the notification within the “Conversation Window Extension” which opens beside the notification. This feature is optional and only works on Windows and not on Mac or Mobile. The window is basically a light version of the Internet Explorer and shows the Starmind application in the question view corresponding to the notification.