Starmind Mobile - Get Started

1. Download the App

Open up Starmind in your browser. When you go to the menu, click on “Get the mobile app”.

You are then asked to fill in your mobile number. By doing so, you will receive an SMS with a link to the Starmind Mobile App in the App or Google Play Store. If you have downloaded the App already, chose “activate your app” directly.

2. Activate the App

If you have installed the app on your device, open it and scan the QR code on the desktop. The app will then be linked with your personal Starmind account.

Content of the QR-Code:

Name Description Example
base_url Base URL of the Starmind Network
ios_oauth_code One Time Password f4759a2d54d38791e691b0cc440cc2bb9f00743c
android_oauth_code One Time Password 437a8631e06136801910569d6b64c45a9ea275f5