Simple Login

Simple Login describes the most common authentication method for web-applications. The authentication is completely handled by Starmind. Starmind provides all the necessary infrastructure to authenticate a user whereas the customer is responsible for the user management itself. To increase security, Starmind stores passwords in a secure form (salted hashes) and enforces a strict password policy. A customer has the possibility to maintain the password policy at any time. This method allows for an easy and fast setup of Starmind.

Single Sign-on

Single Sign-on shifts the responsibility of the authentication to the customer's side. If a user is not yet authenticated, the user is redirected to the socalled IdentityProvider (IdP) of the customer. The IdP itself handles the authentication as well as the autorisation of the user and forwards all relevant data to Starmind. As the authentication is handled by the customer, additional authentication factors such as mobile TANs can be introduced.