Custom Filters (Deprecated from version 2.72.0.)

Field Type Default Description
name string '' The filter name. Max. 191 Characters.
filters comma separated string Filter the list of questions using a predefined filter. Allowed filters are:
  • solved Show solved questions
  • unsolved Show unsolved questions
  • my-questions Show questions you have posed
  • my-solutions Show question you have contributed a solution to
  • following Show question you are currently following
tags comma separated string A comma separated list of tag labels by which the questions are filtered. The tags are checked using a logical OR condition - that means all question with one of the specified tags are returned.
order string last_activity.desc The criteria the result is sorted by. The allowed sort criteria are last_activity, date_published. The format is CRITERION.DIRECTION
updated datetime Last time the custom filter was updated.
created datetime Creation date of the custom filter.
    "total": 1,
    "items": [
          "id": 1,
          "name": "My custom filter",
          "tags": [
          "filters": [
          "order": "last_activity.asc",
          "updated": "2015-09-01T15:15:22.000Z",
          "created": "2015-09-01T15:15:25.000Z"